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Emergency Housing-Transitional Housing- Permanent Housing

Welcome to T123

Transition 123 has provided emergency/transitional housing for women in our community since 2004. The contribution you make is an investment to human life. Our goal for 2017 is to house over 20 families.

Volunteers are the life support of this organization without you there is no us. If you would like to become a solution to end homelessness and/ or against women download our volunteer application.

Our mission is to be a catalyst in the lives of disenfranchised women to move them to a plateau of success in every aspect of their lives spiritually, physically, emotionally and financially.

Speak Not Beat Campaign

Transition 123 invites you to join in the fight against domestic violence. The "Speak Not Beat" campaign is our initiative to spread domestic violence awareness.

The Speak Not Beat Campaign (SNBC) is our national initiative to end domestic violence and to educate communities on domestic violence. The goal of the SNBC is to raise awareness about domestic violence and express the importance of communication verses altercation or physical assault.

Hello Bello Donates To Organization Dedicated To Helping Families Affected By Domestic Violence

If you watch Dr. Phil, the name Chacrice Miles might ring a bell. She recently appeared alongside Hello Bello on behalf of her organization, Transition 123, which helps women and children affected by domestic violence and homelessness.


As a survivor herself, Chacrice shared her mission of providing victims of abuse a safe places to live – from emergency transitional homes to permanent housing – so they can start to rebuild their lives...


Sponsors & Partners

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