Faye Burton Transitional Facility

Faye Burton Transitional Facility
The Transition 1.2.3 Faye Burton Transitional Facility will create a safe drug free environment for homeless and domestically abused women and their children. It will allow them to effectively navigate through our 3 stage transitioning program to move them to a plateau of success spiritually, physically, emotionally and financially. This facility will shelter 100 women or 50 families. Families will be provided private rooms and will receive 3 meals per day. There are many other accommodations within the facility including internet access, mini market, beauty salon, child care, fitness area, living room, dining room, non-denominational worship and serenity areas, reading and learning enrichment room, financial center, community garden, private/secured parking, and playground. Transition 1.2.3 provides essentials such as meals, snacks, clothing, diapers, laundry detergent, and toiletries. Women will be allowed to stay in our facility for up to 90-180 days. From there, they will move forward to one of our transitional houses or into their own private residence. 

Sponsors & Partners

3 Ways to Give

1. Make a Pledge

We are asking that you stand with Transition 1.2.3 and pledge to helping create new beginnings for women and children in the Metro Detroit area. Your contribution will help us build this facility so that we can continue our mission to create healthier and stronger families. 

We are asking for 400 people/organizations to partner with us at one of the following giving levels:
Bronze level: $1,000-4,999                
Gold level: $10,000-14,999
Silver level: $5,000-9,999                  
Platinum level: $15,000-24,999
Double Grace Level: $25,000 and up

This first 50 Double Grace partners will receive a room in the facility dedicated to their organization or legacy fund. If you are interesting in making pledge and partnering with us please email use at transition123inc@yahoo.com


2.  Make a Recurrent Monthly Contribution



3. Contribute to our Go Fund Me Campaign


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